Notions of video for assessment

15 April 2015

The team brainstormed these kinds of strategies for the ethics and law courses.

1. Have electronic access to video like Fifty years in an Institution. Week 1 students discuss how the content from lecturer 1 is relevant. Week 2 they discuss online for credit how content applies to the video e.g Bora. Week 3 apply lecture 3 to the video e.g HRA. Week 4 CDHSCR.  Week 5 HIPC. Students do these excercies electronically for credit.

2. Discussed  potential group work. E.g all podiatrists develop 10 minute minute video  on right 4. Discuss collectively. Then students reflect for credit how the right applies to their own practice in blog. All professional groups develop their own video, on a right. Repeat exercise. Paramedics. Podiatrist. Psychologist. Nurse. Standard pathway. Health promotion.

3. Discussed pros and cons of this approach. On a topic, each student has to locate and attach a relevant article e.g. Oral health students on minor consent. Next week have to summarise it. Next week critique it. Maybe next week do video on it.

Leaping into exciting terrirory with inspiring and expert colleAgues, week by week.

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