Digital notions for teaching

New notions with colleagues for teaching . Have video available online. Students write 250 words for assessment week  2 on how the law within lecture  1 applies to the person in the video. Use the same video across 4 lectures followed by 4 assessments. Maybe start with small PG class. Why? Increase engagement. Embed the knowledge. Nb– more grading assistance required.      Notion  for marketing– invite former AUT masters who obtained AUT pad to do a video or skpe to our lecture to advertise the wonders of our health ethics and law PG programmes.  To be continued.

2 thoughts on “Digital notions for teaching

  1. Oops – you put the whole post into the title by mistake Kate 🙂
    You can edit the post and cut the text after “New notions with colleagues for teaching.” and paste the rest into the body of the post.


    1. Hi Kate
      to edit a published WordPress Post on your iPad:
      1. Open the WordPress App
      2. select ‘Blog Posts’ in the “Publish” section
      3. Select the Post that you want to edit
      4. Click the ‘edit’ button in the top right hand corner in the post you are editing, and the virtual keyboard will pop up
      5. Tap the Post heading (bold text), double-tap a word, and it will be highlighted as selected, you can then drag the selection corners to select all the text you want to cut or delete.
      6. choose ‘cut’ from the selection menu
      7. Tap below the post heading to select the post body section – then select ‘paste’ from the pop-up edit menu.
      8. When you are finished with your edits select ‘Update’ from the post edit screen in the top right hand corner.
      9. The WordPress App will say ‘Published”, and will return you to the Post viewing page of the App.
      10. From here you can also create new posts by selecting the ‘Pen’ tool at the bottom of the App screen.

      Hope this helps 🙂



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