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Vyclone notions

kia ora

Thom’s tutorial on Vyclone inspired some notions on how it could be applied to invigorate teaching.

1 Four students could video one patient (a student acting as a patient). Each could demonstrate how their video demonstrates their disciplinary perspective, for collaborative discussion and reflection. This promotes and demonstrates the Faculty’s commitment to interdiscplinarity.

2 One mock disaster event could be viewed from the perspective of four students. From the roof, the overall perspective on how well the strands were managed. From the ground level, the view of the patient, paramedic and other intervenors. Again, this contributes to interdisciplinary teaching and understanding.

Another inspiring tutorial.



Hangout etc

Kia ora

New developments include attempt to use hangout last night for a class we stream from the north to the south campus. Students were shy and didn’t raise any questions. Thom and I discussed techniques to bridge that shyness e.g. Reverse camera so students can see who is in the other classroom and having the small group introduce themselves. That breaks the ice.

I discovered that Skype can be used to beam guest lecturers find from afar. Today we set up my Skype account. Thank you team AUT.

Tomorrow I’ll attend a webinar on ageing so that colleagues here can get the benefit of long distance delivery. Will report back on the potential of that system for future teaching.


Hangout eureka moment

Last week we did something revolutionary. We stream from North Campus to South campus. During the tutorial portion, students at the South Campus could use the internal phone to ask me questions at the North campus. I could repeat the question and all could hear my response. Student were amused that I considered this rocket science.

Thom told me about Hangout so for next week students may be able to step up to the laptop or phone at South Campus and all will hear the question and my response. Double rocket science.