#mosomelt update

Dear AUT Team

This a communication to reflect upon the learnings from AUT mosomelt trainings this semester.

The digital programme had three major benefits. 

First it reduced my anxiety regarding all things technical, electronic and digital. The expert team managed this through weekly, low key workshops. No questions were too simple or too complex. All progress, and I do mean all progress (including locating the password), was celebrated.

Secondly, being invited to co-author a publication with Digital Tom and my tutor, Amanda, was very affirming. That is indicative of the team’s generous spirit.

Thirdly, there is a great deal to be said for playfulness. We all learned better through laughter. Please don’t view the early cyclone of Vyclone films. Suffice it to say they were comical and great learning exercises.

The benefits are enduring. Today Amanda, my colleague, said that she discovered Oxford 20 minute blogs by leading philosophers on fundamental concepts and universal philosophical questions. She sees the potential to insert them in lectures, with pauses for group discussion. This seems to be a combination of MOOG learning plus “flip” teaching. That is, there are means to engage students through multiple academic voices and dynamic discussion embedded during the weekly sessions.

That could be a wonderful system for teaching health law to undergraduates and postgraduates, too. Students could simply be prepared to pre-view and then collectively view brief digital lectures or other Clips or lectures  by  authorities, followed by interactive debate.

Some items I discovered — Hangout,  Vyclone and WordPress. Although I’m signing off for sabbatical, Amanda and I hope to embed some of the creative methods we discovered, through CfLAT’s vision and Digital Tom’s great training. We anticipate that there will many more recruits. 

Thank you and best wishes,



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